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Sri Lanka Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment
Postal Address: Sri Lanka Accreditation Board
No. 104 A, Kitulwatte Road
(+94) 011 2689157, 011 2689158 (General)

(+94) 011 2678780 (Chairman)

(+94) 011 2689124 (Director)

                 Fax: (+94) 011 2689161

SLAB Staff

Mr. Namal Rajapaksha Chairman chairmanslab@gmail.com
Ms. Chandrika Thilakaratne Director /CEO director@slab.lk
Mr. D G Pushpakumara Deputy Director (Finance & Administration) pushpakumara@slab.lk
Mr. L H D Bandusoma Deputy Director (Accreditation) bandu@slab.lk
Ms. Chanditha Ediriweera Deputy Director (Accreditation) chanditha@slab.lk
Ms. Manisha Wickramasinghe Assistant Director (Accreditation) manisha@slab.lk
Ms. Jeewani Karunasagara Assistant Director (Accreditation) Jeewani@slab.lk
Ms. Mithila Rangani Gunesekara Assistant Director (Accreditation) mithila@slab.lk
Ms. Natasha Jayamanne Assistant Director (Accreditation) natasha@slab.lk
Ms. P S Hiruni Kumaratunga Assistant Director (Accreditation) hiruni@slab.lk
Ms. Punya U Liyanage Assistant Director (Accreditation) punya@slab.lk
Mr. Niranjan Kannangara Assistant Director (Accreditation) niranjan@slab.lk
Ms. Tharanga Wanigasundara Internal Auditor tharanga@slab.lk
Ms. K. Harsha Nishangani Chandrasiri Junior Manager (Accounts Officer) harsha@slab.lk
Ms. Nilupuli Vidanage Junior Manager (Administrative Officer) nilupuli@slab.lk
Ms. Nelum Dias Management / Accounts Assistant nelum@slab.lk
Ms. W P Lasanthika Management / Accounts Assistant lasanthika@slab.lk
Mr. Jagath Madurapperuma Management / Accounts Assistant jagath@slab.lk
Mr. Saveen Prabuddha Management / Accounts Assistant saveen@slab.lk

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